Pre-owned bikes

Our team at Silicon Honda provides our customers best deals to buy, sell and exchange their older vehicles.

If you are looking to BUY, we ensure:

  • Transparency in transaction
  • Bona-fides of the seller are verified
  • 6 month warranty
  • 2 free services
  • Hassle free documentation
  • Assured performance
  • Complete refurbishments done with genuine Honda parts
  • Cash less insurance

If you are looking to SELL, we ensure:

  • Best deals
  • Quick payment
  • Hassle free documentation
  • Transparent and assured transfer
  • Direct payment credit to new vehicle purchase
  • Easy finance option
  • Option of upgrading to new technology
  • Priority to loyalty

For more information please send us an enquiry or contact us at one of our Showrooms or Service Centers.